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Monorail Tales: A Disney Fan Podcast

Jul 9, 2024

Join us as Gary sits down with his friends, Chuck and Racheal, to discuss their recent FIRST trip to Disneyland! Listen in as these Floridians (and very frequent WDW visitors) talk about first impressions, experiences, comparisons, highlights, and maybe even some disappointments. They had so much fun rehashing the...

Jul 5, 2024

Join us as Al, Luis, and Ric dive into the thrilling world of the latest X-Men project on Disney+, X-Men '97! In this episode, we explore the vibrant return of our favorite mutants, discussing the nostalgic elements and fresh twists that make this series a must-watch. Tune in for lively debates, insightful commentary,...

Jul 2, 2024

Join us as Sheila and Ric welcome Scott and Karen Daves from The Mickeyphile Podcast and Dave and Veronika Jongeward from The Disney Crush Podcast! It is a fight to the finish to see which couple knows their Disney Side better than the other team!

You can find Scott and Karen in their group, The Mickeyphile Improvement...

Jun 29, 2024

Join us a Sheila, Steve, and Ric talk about everything coming out in July 2024!

Steve also talks with Michael Lafean and Kiara Davison about their Disney+ side!

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Jun 25, 2024

Join us as Steve and Sheila welcome back author James Warda, along with first-time guest Theron Skees, former Senior Creative Executive at Walt Disney Imagineering!

James and Theron discuss their three-year journey writing the book "How Does Disney Do That?", set to be released on July 1, 2024. A portion of the book's...