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Monorail Tales: A Disney Fan Podcast

Apr 29, 2023

Join us as Al, Sheila, and Steve bring you what's coming to Disney+ for the month of May. Steve also shares a pre-recorded interview with good friend, Michael Johnson, from the Soarin’ with Disney Dawg Podcast in which we get to learn all about Michael's Disney+ side.

Apr 25, 2023

Join us as Sheila talks with good friend, Christine Mak, who gives us an update to her recent adventures she has been on since the last time we talked with her.

Christine talks about her trip to California to attend a Dr. Who Convention and how she took part in the D23 special event - a tour of the Disney studios in...

Apr 18, 2023

Join us as guest co-host and good friend, Gary Fernando, is joined by Al, Bill, Jeni, Patrick, Sheila and Steve to talk about food! Hope you aren't hungry!

On this episode, Gary challenged the co-hosts to come up with one snack, one appetizer, one entree, one dessert, and one drink. Listen in to see how well the...

Apr 14, 2023

Join us as Luis, Al, and Ric welcome special guest, Chris Malek from the Dub Dee Dub Revue Podcast for a spoiler-free discussion about the Guardians of the Galaxy including the history, music, and past movies as they prepare for the release of Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 3 on May 5, 2023!

You can check out the Dub's...

Apr 11, 2023

Join us as Steve shares with Sheila about his recent trip to Walt Disney World and how many times he got to ride Tron on his quick weekend trip to attend the D23 Tron Event at Magic Kingdom. Steve also shares a special moment of his trip when he was able to meet up with past guests to the show, Thomas and...